Permaculture Training Services

The best way to multiply our positive influence in the world is to train others to be self-reliant themselves. We endeavor to empower our clients to ultimately become their own designers and managers.




• Curriculum development

• Workshops and seminars

• Hands-on Skill Building

• Online trainings

• Best Management Practices




• Planners

• Managers

• Builders and Installers

• Owners and Operators

• Private Residents

• Public Officials

• Maintenance Crews

• Architects and Engineers



We have completed numerous trainings throughout the world.  See our portfolio for more information on trainings here. To read more on our philosophy and the specific services we provide, visit the links to our list of elements: water, food, shelter, energycommunity, economy and ecology.


Designing for resource abundance by creating regenerative landscapes, resilient communities, and local living economies