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Resilient Community Design


The core mission of Permaculture Design International is to create resilient and sustainable human settlements. To that end, we work with communities in a wide variety of ways, offering diverse services to develop stable and long lasting systems. From designing eco-villages and co-housing projects, developing senior housing facilities, working with indigenous tribes on community food security, and working with communities on disaster relief, we have a track record of serving and fulfilling our client’s and their community’s needs.

Food & water security

A resilient community revolves around localized economies. We use Permaculture Design as a lens to assess potential economic yields for a community, while simultaneously increasing its natural capital. This means valuing and enhancing native habitat and biodiversity, ensuring clean air and water, supporting local sustainable food systems, developing sustainable water management systems, and producing renewable building materials within the bioregion. We strive to enhance the ecology and economy of communities.

Village design & develop

Click the links below for more information about our work building resilient communities: 

Coho Ecovillage Landscape Re-design:

Corvallis, Oregon USA

School Campus Development:

Uganda, Africa

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