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Permaculture Building Services

At Permaculture Design International, we believe that in order to create effective designs, it is important for a design firm to also be able to build and install. We understand the issues that can arise during installation and we design with that in mind, thus saving costs and achieving superior outcomes.  


  • Quality Control 

  • Project Construction Oversight

  • Budget and Time-line Oversight


  • Water Systems

  • Earthworks and Grading

  • Farm and Orchard Preparation and Installation

  • Landscaping and Hardscaping

  • Buildings and Structures

  • Energy Systems


*note: our legal ability to contract construction

will vary by location


  • Monitoring and Feedback

  • Design Iterations

  • Best Management Practices


To read more on our building philosophy and the specific skills we provide, visit the topics in our list of elements: water, food, shelter,  energy, community, economy and ecology.

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