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Natural Building


We believe that shelter is a basic human right.  We need protection from the elements in order to thrive.  Animals in nature construct their shelter from the resources they have available to them, much as our ancestors did.  Modern technology merged with ancient materials can create beautiful and functional buildings that in many cases outperform conventional structures.

Natural local materials
Building with the Earth:

Earthen structures are as old as civilization itself, perhaps older.  For millennia humans have been creating shelter from simple materials found in the local environment, like wattle and daub, a form of construction using sticks plastered with mud.  Modern natural building has evolved considerably since these early structures, and now these homes are often built as works of functional art. 


Adobe and cob building utilize earth, sand, and straw to make durable and extremely resilient structures.  The walls are often much thicker than conventional buildings and resist temperature extremes on the outside, keeping the inside a relatively constant temperature.  Furthermore, these materials are completely non-toxic, and may reduce environmental illnesses like allergies and asthma that can be associated with exposure to the myriad chemicals use in modern building materials.

Small footprint

Truly Affordable Housing:

Building with natural materials is not only functional and beautiful- it is less expensive.  Homes can be built at a fraction of the cost of conventional structures and be compliant with local building codes.  People should not suffer under debt in order to have a roof over their heads.  Shelter is a basic human need and we should all have the right to build our own. 


Our expert design/build team focuses on integrating healthy shelter with other elements in the landscape to create structures that are both beautiful and useful. 

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