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Regenerative Economy


At Permaculture Design International, we acknowledge that designs need to function economically as well as ecologically. For any given project to be self-sustaining over time, it is vital to establish multiple, diverse income streams. To this end, PDI can incorporate regenerative enterprise planning when appropriate. We are adept at helping the client plan for economic security using approaches that regenerate living soil, clean water and air, bio- and agro-diversity, resource abundance and other ecosystem services. This is especially important as we approach an increasingly uncertain future.

Fair share
Local employment

Addressing economic health as an integral part of any project is vital for building long term resiliency. At PDI, we are at the leading edge of a field known as financial or participatory permaculture, which looks at financial viability at every scale (home-, right livelihood, enterprise- and community-scale). It is important as we approach a less than certain future that we create viable business ecosystems and local living economies around us, so that we may continue to thrive for some time to come. 

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