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Permaculture Design Services

Permaculture Design International can help you take your project from conception to completion. From analysis of your site to envisioning its full potential, we provide a practical plan to get there.


  • Project Conception

  • Holistic Goal Setting

  • Creative Financing

  • Legal and Invisible Structures


  • Site Assessment and Analysis

  • Land Use Recommendations 

  • Navigation of Project Development


  • Business Plans

  • Permitting and Zoning

  • Research and Reports

  • Publicity and Community Outreach

  • Branding and Marketing

  • Organization and Team Building


  • Master-planning

  • Conceptual Site Design

  • Mapping and Graphical Representations

  • Construction Documents 

  • Engineering and Architectural Design Documents


To read more on our design philosophy and the specific skills we provide, visit the topics in our list of elements: water, food, shelterenergy, community, economy and ecology

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