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High Desert Homestead

Reno, Nevada USA

 This 1.3 acre Suburban Homestead in Reno Nevada is a living Permaculture laboratory in the extremely dry Great Basin Desert.



Produce as much food, fuel, fodder, and fun on an exposed site in a very brittle environment with large seasonal temperature swings and low precipitation.



Design and install water-harvesting earthworks to provide as much seasonal irrigation water to foundational plantings as possible.  These plantings serve as multi-function windbreaks for firewood, fodder, and habitat; and also provide shelter for alley cropping systems and a mobile hoophouse for a high desert nursery. Other design features include a modular shedrow horse barn.  Alliances include a non-profit partnership with Nevada Bugs and Butterflies to facilitate eco-literacy education programming.
Project Lead: Neil Bertrando
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