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Based in Reno, NV, Neil Bertrando manages a 1.3 acre homestead with
his wife Katie and the help of many in the community.  His passion is
enriching bioregions by building community and broadening the local
genetic resources of practical plants and animals to relocalize
resource supply networks.  He strives for collaboration in his work
and runs RT Permaculture, a Permaculture consulting, design, and
education business.   In his teaching and design he applies Keyline
Design, Permaculture and Holistic Management as interconnected systems
approaches to managing the complexities of ecosystems.
         While he lives in a temperate arid climate, over the past 12 years, he
has gained experience working in wide range of climate and cultural
contexts such as Hawaii, Haiti, Minnesota, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New
Mexico, Oregon, and California. He has an MS in Environmental Science
from University of Nevada, Reno, where his research focused on effects
of the urban corridor on stream health and regional nutrient cycling.
In design and development he has worked properties from 1/10th of an
acre to 100+ acres.

        His experience has oscillated between academic
research, environmental monitoring and planning surveys, stream
restoration, farm management, and local community building.
Because we all stand on the shoulders of giants, he wants to
acknowledge his many teachers and mentors including Craig Sponholtz,
Geoff Lawton, Darren Doherty, Erik Ohlsen, Owen Hablutzel, Dan Halsey,
Andrew Millison, Robyn Francis, Dr. Sherm Swanson, Tom Stille, Dr.
Jerry Qualls, Dr. Glenn Miller, and many others.  Thank you.

For more info on Neil's consulting and design services visit his website:

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