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Hampi Wetland Restoration

Southern India

Restoration of a wetland area for wildlife habitat in Southern India.



Return a wetland area habitat after many years in paddy cultivation.  The client’s vision was to protect vibrant habitat for all forms of native wildlife.



The site is nestled in a small valley near the top of a watershed. The area had been paddy for some unknown years prior to the wetland’s restoration.

The wetland was hand-dug in order to deftly create a varied surface for different aquatic ecosystems.  Hand digging helped to be more accurate while excavating, stopping at different clay layers to give the subsurface landscape more natural integrity.


The wetland’s primary purpose is as a water source for all the wildlife in this area, and also supports an expansion in bio-diversity.  Leopard, Bear, 2 Species of Monkey, various smaller seized Mammals, diverse Bird life, Reptiles, Fish, and several Water Snakes all utilize this wetland. 


Lead Designer: Rico Zook

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