Using natural elements to reduce erosion and improve watershed health.



Rehydrate wet meadow and slope wetlands to store snowmelt runoff and reduce temperatures of creek water during summer flow.  Reduce erosion and turbidity using locally available materials and natural patterns of water flow.



Working with watershed restoration experts, PDI team members helped to restore riparian head-cuts, erosion gullies, and reduce the chance of erosion from hard packed surfaces while improving water cycling and watershed health.  One rock dams, log and rock stepdowns, log mats, log stepdowns, Zuni Bowls, Rock mulch rundowns, and sod plugs help to hold soil and slow water down.


Lead Designer:

Craig Sponholtz (

Project assisted by Neil Bertrando

Erosion Control, Revegetation, Restoration; Assorted Projects

Western USA

Designing for resource abundance by creating regenerative landscapes, resilient communities, and local living economies